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The individual definition of templates, marks and machines is achieved using a control file, which can be edited and further extended by the user. A large number of standard templates and machines is supplied with the program.

This drastically simplifies the handling of the program, without in any way limiting its flexibility. With this system you can – particularly as a service provider – define your customer-specific standards very quickly and simply.

A further advantage of VivaImpose is its format independence. While with other imposition programs the same template must be newly created for every page format, VivaImpose works on the basis of an abstract page format. Therefore the same template can be used for page sizes from postage stamps up to poster formats.

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VIVA develops software for graphic design as well as for optimizing and automating marketing and layout processes for corporations in all branches as well as the graphics industry. With more than 200,000 users and customers, VIVA today is one of the leading suppliers of media services and software products. Learn more ...

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